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We have been informed of the tragic death of Seyed Mehran ABTAHI FOROUSHANI, former PhD student in the programme EUDIME “Erasmus Mundus Doctorate in Membrane Engineering”, in the Ukrainian plane accidentally attacked in Iran.

Seyed Mehran – enrolled in a joint doctoral programme undertaken among the University of Twente (The Netherlands), the University of Leuven (Belgium) and the Université Paul Sabatier/ Toulouse III (France) - defended his PhD thesis on June 2018. His research activity was devoted on the development of innovative tertiary treatment technologies for the removal of micropollutants by bioaugmented moving bed biofilm reactors and polyelectrolyte multilayer-based nanofiltration membranes.

Seyed Mehran has been a young brilliant membrane engineer ready to contribute with his enthusiasm and capability to the solution of strategic problems of our modern society. Really incredible that all his potentialities have been lost in such unjustifiable way.

All his colleagues in the EUDIME network – teachers, researchers and students – wish to express their deepest condolences to his beloved family.

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The Erasmus Mundus Doctorate in Membrane Engineering (EUDIME) is designed to implement - at international level - excellence, innovation, mobility and multidisciplinarity in investigation approaches related to membrane science and technology. The consortium includes six leading partner institutions: University of Twente (The Netherlands), Institute of Chemical Technology Prague (Czech Republic), University of Montpellier 2 and University Paul Sabatier-Toulouse (France), University of Leuven (Belgium), and University of Calabria (Italy).

In addition, ten associate partners are part of the EUDIME consortium: University of Lisboa (Portugal), University of Zaragoza (Spain), RWTH Aachen (Germany), the European Membrane Society, the European Membrane House, and five industrial companies well-reputed in the field: SAPIO S.r.L. and GVS S.p.A. (Italy), Veolia Environment (France), Alfa Laval A/S (Denmark), and Mikropur s.r.o.(Czech Republic).


The HEI members are also involved in the Erasmus Mundus Master in Membrane Engineering - EM3E.


On 18th of December 2014, Dr. Sushumna Shukla has been awarded a multiple doctoral degree by University of Montpellier 2 (France), KU Leuven (Belgium) and University of Twente (The Netherlands) on  Montpellier – European Institute of Membranes.

Sushumna is the first PhD student completing successfully the programme ERASMUS MUNDUS DOCTORATE IN MEMBRANE ENGINEERING – EUDIME. Congratulations!!!

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